Today, I wanted to talk a little about the different types of traffic you can encounter while running your Facebook Ads.Then how knowing how to handle each type of traffic can assist you in your marketing, specifically with Facebook Ads. There are ideally three types of traffic: cold, warm and hot. I want to focus on the two most difficult to convert, completely cold and the warm traffic. Cold traffic means this group of traffic has no idea who you are and doesn’t know anything about your product, even if they’re interested they’ve never head of you before. Warm traffic is someone who’s seen you somewhere before such as a blog post, an email list or an opt-in page. The cold traffic is much harder to convert than warm traffic. Today, I’m going to share some key concepts from Coach Nadia on how to target cold and warm traffic and get them to convert with Facebook ads.  If you want a more detailed training on making effective Facebook Ads consider grabbing a seat in her Facebook Ads course >>> Join Course<<<

Watch the video below and then look over the Key Concepts.

Key Concepts for Targeting and Converting Cold Traffic

  • No one likes to be spammed, don’t bombard your cold traffic with things to purchase with your Facebook Ads, instead target them with opt-ins or freebies. This can slowly turn cold traffic into lukewarm and eventually warm traffic. 
  • Cold traffic needs to be exposed to you at least 7 times before they even consider buying from you even if you have a product they want. Its best to allow them to get to know you for free. Again using opt-Ins or blog posts or even videos to get them acquainted with you. 
  • Converting cold traffic with Facebook Ads can be more costly then converting warm traffic. Getting the cold traffic used to you so that it can become warm will take time. It takes time to nurture that connection but once you have you will have a larger warm following. 

Key Concepts for Targeting and Converting Warm Traffic

  • Know the three kinds of warm traffic and how to deal with them. 
    • Email list, opt-in users/blog readers/landing page viewers (etc…)  and your Facebook Business Page Likes audience.  These three groups have already been exposed to you in some way so you’re not new and they are more likely to purchase from you then the cold audience. 
  • Facebook Page Likes should consist of people who like your page because it somehow benefits them. If you have people that like your page because they’re your friends but aren’t actually in the demographics you’re targeting their like can be hurting you. And we don’t want that so only keep a relevant audience on your Facebook Business Page in your warm traffic. 
  • Once you generate enough Facebook Business Page Likes, Facebook Ads will be able to make you a “look-a-like” audience of the warm traffic from your Facebook Business Page.  This “look-a-like” audience will allow you to reach more people that use Facebook when you create the ad for your audience. 
  • It is impossible to create the above mentioned “look-a-like” audience if you do not already have warm traffic for your Facebook Business Page. 

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