Social Media Webinar

Are you ready to learn how to use social media to FINALLY start making money in your online biz without feeling like a copy cat or a sell out? Then you'll love what I'm sharing with you today!

In this Done For You Training you will learn exactly how: 

  •  I quickly grew my Instagram following to 3k & Facebook to 4k How to use social media to drive sales and make more money.
  •  To grow your email list by the hundreds in less than 30 days 
  •  Convert new followers into clients who buy from you 
  •  Make passive income effortlessly without launch fatigue 
  •  Grow an audience of people you instantly connect with by being YOURSELF 
  •  Turn ghost followers into engaging fans 

If you your social media following is not growing and converting then this training is exactly what you need 


  • PRINTABLE SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHEET - This is an invaluable tool to get you started and ready to skyrocket your social media platforms
  • "MY FAVE APPS & TOOLS" SHEET - This is an ever changing guide to what's out there and what works for creating less work with more results. It's the latest and greatest and what I use in my biz so you know it's been tested and Nadia K approved!

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Well hello there!

I'm "Coach Nadia K" & I'm an online Biz Coach & Mom of 2. 

I work with entrpreneurs in the startup stage of their business & teach them how to scale ALL the way up using digital marketing strategies that get them seen paid & heard. 

I've successfully built 4 businesses & can tell you that with the proper tools & strategies you can build the biz you're dreaming of without wasting so much time & money! 

Join me for this training and experience the breakthrough, strategy and clarity you need to grow your business.