Are you using Facebook, Instagram or another social media platform in an effort to gain more visibility and a larger following?
A successful social media strategy plan is a game changer in your business IF you are strategic and authentic in your branding and messaging.

The power of Facebook and Instagram helped me and my clients have successful launches, it’s added to our expert status in our prospective industries and allowed us to gain the know like and trust factor from followers. This is needed to do well in your business.

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I’ve been recieving an influx of questions from the Biz Builders in my private Facebook Community [ join here]. When it comes to their social media strategy they are asking:

  • How do I get more followers?
  • Why is no one engaging on my posts?
  • What do I need to do differently in my social media strategy?
  • How come my followers are not opting in?
  • When I post offers or promos why is no one buying?
  • My list isn’t growing what else can I do?

In this video I cover the 5 biggest social media strategy mistakes I see people making in their social media strategy. In the comments I invite you to share with me what your biggest takeaway is in the comments.