Ever have one of those weeks where by the end of it you are just ready to collapse…..until you realize it’s only Tuesday!?

That used to be me every week #realtalk

The kind of week where all of your time is accounted for and adding anything to your schedule feels like pushing an elephant through a keyhole.

But want to know what’s worse than that?

When your schedule is jam packed…. BUT somehow you’ve made no money, haven’t been visible to your audience and you failed in providing your followers/list with valuable content.

Again.. totally guilty of that.

So you continue operating in burnout mode doing the stuff that doesn’t take priority in your business [ the stuff someone else could be doing].

You remain a slave to your business fixing links and buttons on your opt in page OR fixing your website while wearing your pj’s and looking like a hot mess INSTEAD OF jazzing it up and hitting GO LIVE so you can connect with your audience.

So what happens is…

You see no results, feel cranky about being broke and throw your hands up in the air thinking “Lord I give up!”


You get stressed the hell out and start thinking about everything you still have left to do in your life and in your business.

You are thinking about an easier route like getting a “real job”.

You are thinking about all the bills you ARE NOT paying thanks to your business.

You get anxious and begin to feel lost and hopeless.

You spend a heap of time beating yourself up over it.


You listen to a podcast or something and tell yourself to get over it.

Finally you get back to work.

BUT…. You keep working on the stuff that you know keeps you invisible SOOOOO the vicious cycle starts all over again.

Sound familiar?

You say you want to be more productive but in reality you keep hiding… because it’s safe.

I get it. I’ve done this dance too.

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I wasted so much time on busy work. The only result I got was bruises from beating myself up over it, more debt and crap ton of stress.

So today my friend, I tell you screw the productivity hacks. Yep I said it. 

They aren’t what you need right now.

What you need is to spend more time chilling the eff out.

You’re probably wondering “What the hell are you talking about Nadia!? The LAST thing I need to do is to chill!?”

But I mean it. You need to chill. Let me count the ways: 

  • You need to chill and spend more time in silence figuring out what the hell you want and why [get off FB and stop obsessing over everyone else’s success]


  • You need to chill and get in alignment with what’s holding you back and blocking you from having the success you know dam well you can have. [ that gut feeling to keep going is there for a reason]


  • You need to chill and start being more visible in your business. Start delegating/outsourcing some of the crap you need to NOT be spending time on. [ it’s not as expensive as you think]


  • You need to chill and spend time fixing your mindset around money so you start attracting it instead of repelling it. [this is the biggest one]

I didn’t see results in my business using productivity hacks OR implementing new funnels OR having a bomb website.

That stuff works BUT not if you aren’t doing the real work.

I saw REAL results when I made the shift around: 

  • What I thought about myself as a business owner. I needed to shift into the mindset of a badass biz owner instead of a busy bee that works behind the scenes.


  • Where I was spending my time. I needed to spend MORE time on self-care and I needed to outsource instead of DIY’ing everything.


  • My mindset around money. When I approached sales and making money with eagerness and joy instead of worry, resistance and angst I saw A HUGE change in my feelings around money and in my paypal account [hehe].

So today I want you to take time to be alone.

Write out what’s blocking you.

Then spend time reflecting on what you want and how you will begin taking action RIGHT NOW to get it.

>>> Stuck in Startup Mode? Take the BIZ QUIZ to find out why you are stuck & how to move forward in your biz! <<<

You are READY. Your time is NOW.

So go and
– fix that crooked pony tail you got goin so you stop looking crazy
– get out of your pj’s and put on something that makes you feel like the CEO you are
– call that website designer you’ve wanted to work with so you can stop obsessing over your website
– go be VISIBLE in your business.

Do the work necessary ON YOURSELF and for your tribe so you can start LOVING your business and the results you are getting from it.

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