“Before working with Nadia I was all over the place, had millions of ideas in my head but none really convinced me much, or all of them did – I was afraid I would fail. Where should I even begin? She was SO available lol. Her energy is contagious and she made me want to keep pushing despite any downfalls. She makes people believe in themselves and that is a big plus. She helped me gain confidence in starting my business and the strategy I needed to do it. I was finally confident enough to start and now i have a stream of orders for my T-shirt business on Instagram (@tprintml) and I am so grateful to her.  I would not have done it by myself thats for sure!”

Melissa Lopez

founder, TPRINTML T-shirts

“I cannot thank Nadia enough for the opportunities her coaching has given my business, family and myself.  She held me accountable and was there for me when I needed it.  Her program gave me the tools I needed to really focus on my priorities in my business.  With Nadia’s help, I have learned that anything is possible.  I would not be where I am without her and anyone on the fence about signing up is missing out on an opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge essential to starting their own business.  Purchasing her program has been the best investment I have ever made in regards to my business.”

Sara Ducharme

founder, Aurora Sky Elite

“I’m in the beginning stages with my business with no real sense of direction. I have a vision, but struggled with how to get it off the ground. Nadia was a great encourager as she has ‘been there, done that’ in her business.  She understands what it’s like to fail and then thrive.  She gave me the feedback I needed to continue to learn and thrive as my business grows.  Her program is perfect for new business owners as she has the tools, wisdom and strategies to make them successful.”

Deshon White

I would recommend Coach Nadia for anyone who is looking to ignite or foster their entrepreneurial spirit. I recently completed her 5 day Business Building Challenge and found all the information very useful. As a professional marketer who is looking to take on a new role as entrepreneur, Nadia provided valuable lessons to help me go from the idea stage to implementation for my business in a simple format. She pointed out ways to harness the power of the Internet to establish trust and credibility as well as tips on how to market your business. I found her highly relatable and inspirational since she shared many of the fears that a budding entrepreneur may have. If you’re like me who has tons of ideas swarming in their head and has difficulty in knowing where to start, I would definitely recommend her Naomi Montalvo

founder, Love Bites

As a new entrepreneur with zero business experience (I mean ZERO. I have never even taken a business 101 class before) I knew that to have a successful business I had to INVEST in my vision or I should say my extremely BROAD, all over the place, constantly changing vision. Cue Coach Nadia K to the RESCUE! Coach Nadia has this incredible super power in asking the right questions and providing helpful feedback and suggestions that assist you in gaining clarity and vision regarding the direction of your business. She also provides you with step by step guidance and direction on how to make your business vision a reality. Initially, I only signed up to work with Coach Nadia for a month. However, while working with her I quickly saw that she provides remarkable value to her clients with not only her coaching sessions but also with her trainings, webinars, blogs, newsletters, and videos. Which is why I HAD to continue services for another 3 months. And even though I am not sure where my business will lead, I do feel extremely confident in knowing I have Coach Nadia K in my corner supporting, encouraging, empowering, and inspiring me every step of the way! All I can say is that working with Coach Nadia has been one the best investments I have ever made and I would recommend her to anyone. Kelly Espino

founder, Kelspirations

Coach Nadia is a great resource for anyone looking to kickstart their business. Not only did she provide me with suggestions for tools, platforms, and resources needed to begin a business, but she also gave me the confidence and accountability. She was the match I needed to be lit under my butt to push me forward. It is because of Coach Nadia K that I started my online wellness business and was able to land clients, build relationships, network, and make money for my business but more importantly help people by doing something I love and am passionate about. My business no longer became a mere thought or idea, it became a goal and idea that was implemented and executed. As a small business starter/owner, there are always things to learn in our fields and in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Coach Nadia K is always self-learning, up to date with resources and platforms, and is genuinely passionate about helping people help themselves towards the life they truly desire for themselves. Wether in business, health, or wellness, I reccomend Nadia as an effective coach in all things life and hope to continue working with her as my business grows. I can not thank her enough for her mentorship and guidance. Iris Mendez

founder, Find Your Will Wellness

Nadia, I wanted to thank you for this free 5 day training, some things you mentioned, I had no idea ( those little golden nuggets) which is exciting because I love learning. You are a true inspiration and I appreciate you spending time giving us free content. That really inspires me to start doing the same thing for people who follow me. “Thank you for giving me insight on how to really be intentional on implenting ideas for my business. The content you provided in thisg trainin was awesome. You are an inspiration to young aspiring mompreneurs like myself. Denee Vadell