Profit Plan Webinar

Making Money In Your Biz Just Got Easier...

In this interactive training you will learn:

  • How to make enough money to actually live off of in your business. 
  • An easy to follow 4 step process to creating a Profit Plan for your business. 
  • The specific activities that DO and DON'T serve your profit plan. 
  • How you can maximize on creating ADDITIONAL sources of income.  
  •  The essential money mindset that can help you attract profits versus repelling them. 
  •  The importance of confident selling so you can meet your monthly sales goals. 

BONUS: Profit Planning Worksheet to follow along. 

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Well hello there!

I'm "Coach Nadia K" a Multipassionate Entrepreneur, Business and Wellness coach. [told ya I was multipassionate]

I've built multiple successful businesses. I know what it feels like to have a thousand different ideas about what business to start and the anxiety of taking no action on any of them because of overthinking.  

Let's ditch psyching yourself out of getting started shall we?

Join me for this training and experience the breakthrough, strategy and clarity you need to grow your business.