FB Ads 101 Class

Learn how to create your first Facebook Ad to get more sign ups for your opt-ins & grow your email list quickly! 

Take this class & learn:

  • How to create your first $5 FB Ad and bring in new leads.
  • What a FB pixel is, why its CRITICAL to your success on FB and how to use it. 
  • How to target your website visitors and the people on your email list using the "Create Audiences" feature.
  • The exact method I used to bring in over 500 new subscribers in just 60 days. 

[ Lifetime Access ]

Why take this class? There is no faster and more affordable way to grow your email list and create target specific offers than using FB ads. The sooner you master this bad boy the sooner you will stop leaving money on the table. 

FB Ads have changed the game in my business. I want to see YOU have the same results from using them. I won't hold anything back in this class. 

I'll share:

  •  How I quickly grew my email list by the 100's using $5 ads ! 
  •  The formula I use to calculate my ad spend for specific results!
  •  How you waste time & money on FB ads if you don't know what the heck you are doing !  
  •  The do's & dont's to keep your ad spend LOW & landing in front of the right people instead of spammers !
  •  Why FB ads is currently the most effective form of social media marketing and targeting !

If you your teeny tiny email list is not growing and converting then this training is exactly what you need. 


  • PRINTABLE "AD COPY DO'S & DONT'S" CHEAT SHEET- This is an ever changing template that's been tested & Nadia K approved. Simply follow along this templAte, plug your answers in & VOILA your FB Ad copy is done! 
  • LIVE Q & A - At the end of the class I will provide ample time to answer all questions. 
  • LIFETIME ACCESS- If you can not make it LIVE don't fret. An email will be sent to you with a link to the replay of the training. 

Well hello there!

I'm "Coach Nadia K" & I'm an online Biz Coach & Mom of 2. 

I work with entrpreneurs in the startup stage of their business & teach them how to scale ALL the way up using digital marketing strategies that get them seen paid & heard. 

I've successfully built 4 businesses & can tell you that with the proper tools & strategies you can build the biz you're dreaming of without wasting so much time & money! 

Join me for this training and experience the breakthrough, strategy and clarity you need to grow your business.