How do you feel when you sell? Does it feel sleezy and gross?

Then you are like 90% of the entrepreneurs just starting out.

Here’s the thing…

You are passionate about your purpose to serve and solve then selling what you offer should be filled with integrity and pride. 

You know you got the goods so it so it shouldn’t feel icky.

You know you are about wayyy more than making a quick buck so it shouldn’t feel like you are bothering people.

Most entrepreneurs shy away from selling their products & services because… well it’s nerve-wrecking.

You would rather put forks in your eyes than to have a sales convo where you might [no wait PROBABLY WILL] get rejected.

I get it…


Let’s get real. If you aren’t bringing in sales then you aren’t bringing in the mula $$$$.

And if your biz isn’t profitable then you have a hobby not a biz. [yea I said it but it’s only because I care]

In this video I want to share with you:

– The 2 common characteristics all successful sales people share

– 7 things you need to STOP doing right now so you can uplevel your sales game and STOP leaving money on the table.

– How to implement a referral system that is actionable and measurable! 

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