Over a thousand new subscribers have been added to my email list using Facebook Ads. Now I know Facebook Ads can be quite daunting for beginners, but they are by far one of the most effective ways to grow your business online. Facebook ads can be an incredibly useful tool to growing your email list, selling a course or generating buzz for an up and coming project.  Using the seven easy to implement tips included below you will be able to start your own Facebook ads to grow your business. Now if you are impatient like me and want a complete in depth training that teaches you how to create high converting Facebook Ads at a low cost then I invite you to join me for the Facebook 101 Ads Class. >>  Grab a seat here <<

1) Know the different places an ad can appear

Facebook ads come in a few different variety of types based on where the ad will be located on Facebook. There is the mobile news feed appearance, desktop news feed appearance, right column appearance, Instagram appearance and audience network appearance. Each of these ad types has different requirements to post your ad in them. If you do not have an Instagram you are able to sign up for one in order to use that feature.

2) Know your audience

Facebook ads allow you to pick a target audience for your ads. You should design your Facebook Ad to clearly speak to the audience you are aiming for as well as the reason for your ad. If you are trying to generate leads in a local market of young women 20-35 then your ad will look drastically different from a lead campaign trying to target men in their 30s. You can also tweak your ads to figure out your audience.

3) Having Clear Graphics and Good Copy

Good copywriting and clear graphics or videos are going to be what makes your Facebook ad appeal to your audience. You should make sure to pick colors, images and words that ignite your ideal audience to click on your ad or call to action. Graphics, color and videos can be used along with basic psychology to propel your Facebook ad to reach more people and grow your lists or sell your product.


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4) Have a good offer or incentive

A genuinely good offer that no one can refuse is a great way to set your ad up for success. This will make it so that you can get more of the results you want. A free pdf download, a coupon or a free call is a great way to incentivize your audience to click and experience your ad. Just make sure you use solid psychology to blend your offer with great graphics and copy and you have an offer no one can refuse.

5) Have an idea of your budget

How much you want to spend can detail how effective your ad is at reaching your audience. Bidding is how ads are placed on Facebook and depending on how much you want to spend on your ads disability. You can have as large or as small of a budget as you want. Some ad types have a minimum requirement to begin advertising. You can also cap how much you want to spend on a particular ad or set of ads or how much to spend over all total ads.

6) Know your call to action

When you design your ad know what you want your call to action to be. Do you want them to like your page? Sign up to your email list? These are things you consider when you build your Facebook Ad. Knowing how to name your call to action will assist you in making your add successful overtime and give you a measurable metric to rank your ads success.

7) It won’t be an overnight success

Facebook ads can take anywhere from 72 hours to 2 months to show results depending on how well they were set up and the purpose of the ad. Be patient and don’t check the ad every day odds are you won’t see anything spectacular. Bid your time and keep your budget in mind as you wait to see result for your ad.

With these 7 easy tips to get you started you can go out and make your own Facebook ads! If you’d like more direction and an in depth training on Facebook Ads for beginners consider taking my class Facebook Ads 101.  Here I will cover more in depth how a Facebook Ad is made, what is a pixel and why you should care and other topics to help you use the tips I have shared with you to build unstoppable Facebook Ad campaigns that get results fast for as little as a $5 a day budget!