I’ll never forget the day one of my coaches presented me with the dreaded exercise and worksheet labeled


At first I thought it was busy work… so I ignored the 15 page long worksheet because ain’t nobody got time for that!

BUT then….

I repeatedly heard the phrase “You don’t want to skip this exercise it’s INCREDIBLY vital to the success of your business.” from more than one success coach.

I kept hearing the term “ideal client” being thrown around all over the place.

What the heck right?

I still ignored the exercise because quite honestly every time I would start working on it I would get frustrated. It was a pain in the ass to do!

I mean come on… I’d rather not sit here drafting up a pretend character named Felicia, what her life is like and what struggles she faces.

I held off on getting clear around on my ideal client for as long as I could but I knew deep down it was hurting me.

I kept jumping on discovery calls that ended in me thinking “wow I’d rather listen to 4 hours of Celine Dion than to work with that person”


I’d find myself having to convince people who’d book calls with me about why they should invest in working on their business when in reality I knew they didn’t want it badly enough.


I’d have to find a way to reduce my prices to work with some of these people.

Ever hear the saying “If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”

Well…. I didn’t like what I was getting which was clients I really DIDN’T want to work with.

So I rolled up my sleeves and did the pain in the ass Ideal Client Avatar work. I got crystal clear on who I wanted to attract and was incredibly intentional about how I wrote my copy to make sure I spoke to THEM.

The result?

I have the pleasure of working with some badass biz builders in my 4-Week Biz Intensive and I’m loving every single moment of it.

My dream clients are entrepreneurs who:
– Take immediate action on creating the life and biz THEY want
– Invest in themselves because they don’t want to waste time growing their businesses and believe whole heartedly on taking all bets on THEM
– Will do whatever it takes to build their empires and attain success
– Genuinely want to make a difference in the world with their purpose driven businesses


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What about you? Who do you want to work? Who do you look forward to serving and spending time with?

If you don’t know who your ideal client is the RESULT is:
– You confuse your audience about who you help so they are skeptical about working with you
– You don’t have any clients – so you’re broke
– You attract people who can’t afford you – still broke….
– You take on anyone and everyone to make a buck so you are left feeling unenthused about the work you are doing and the clients you are serving

if this is currently you, no worries. I know LE STRUGGLE so today I want to share

5 tips to help you get clear on your IDEAL… no scratch that DREAM CLIENT.
1. Stop focusing on who you’ve attracted and focus on who you want to attract. This was a total gut punch for me. I attracted thousands of followers and subscribers and was very focused on their feedback and needs. I soon had to accept that I needed to stop serving an audience that I didn’t want to work with.

2. Get on the phone with people you’ve enjoyed working with [or want to work with] and have a conversation. Yes a conversation. A non-pressure, non-salesy convo where you get to know all about them, what they struggle with, why they hired you [if it’s not your client skip this] and what they want to be different about their current situation.

3. In your journal write out what your DREAM CLIENT is like.
Ex: She has a down to earth personality, a deep faith in Christ, likes shoes, is not hesitant about investing when she recognizes the value it brings to her business and has a sense of humor.
Get clear on what kind of people you like working with and serving

4. Write down places this person hangs out on social media. Study who they follow, their responses to these influencers,why they are attracted to them and what they purchase from them… Study what it really is they need and want.

5. Spend time EACH DAY visualizing these people. Close your eyes and see yourself talking to them, laughing with them and most importantly WORKING with them. Visualizing this will set you up to BEHAVE as though it is ALREADY happening for you. As if you ALREADY work with these kinds of clients. If you have no idea what it feels like to work with your ideal/dream client then you will act as such and you won’t feel the confidence needed to invite them to work with you!

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