30 Day Biz Builder

 The Exclusive Online Course That Teaches You How To Build A Biz You Love & Can Make A Living Off Of In 30 Days !

The Perfect Fit for Multipassionate 9-5'ers Who Dream of Being Their Own Boss

This easy to follow 30-day course is designed to take your business from being Stuck in Start Up Mode to Success. You can get started NOW and make money in as little as 30 days.

If you are feeling frustrated and won't pursue your dreams because you're so scared of failing; tired of slaving away 40+ hours a week building someone else's dream; stuck and taking no action because you're too busy worrying about wasting time and money and are desperate because you have no idea where to even start or what to do in your business - It's time to get help!

I Know you Want to Be Your Own Boss, But...

It's hard when you don't trust yourself to commit to a program or plan because you always start and never finish. I get it. You're always busy. You spend all your time taking care of everyone else and you're left with no time to focus on income producing activities so, you end up treating your business like a hobby.

If you're like I was, you're struggling with being clear about what you want for your business, you are unsure of how to get it all done, and unaware of what actionable steps you need to take to get things moving forward fast. You're probably even doubting whether your business idea is even worth investing your time and money.

Am I hitting a nerve?

It's OK - We Can Do This Together

If you're like me (and about a million other entrepreneurs) you're in brand new territory. 

  • You're struggling to get clear about what you want, how to do it all, and where to start. 
  • You may even be struggling with which biz idea is the one to start working on now. 
  • It's all overwhelming and, if you're not careful, you can talk yourself out of success before you even begin.



I'm Coach Nadia K. After nearly 5 years of building my own businesses and working with multipassionate entrepreneurs, helping others go from stuck to success has become second nature. We will work together to turn your jumble of ideas into implemented action and take you to success! 

In This 4-Week Intensive Training Program You Will Hustle Hard, and Learn All About:

Week 1

Uncover the foundation of a rock solid business.  

You will get crystal clear on what makes your product or service unique and learn effective goal setting and planning techniques that will help you get things moving forward in your business quickly!

Week 2

This week is all about Social Media Strategy. 

You will dig deep into quick and effective ways to grow your following, what to include in your bio, automation, content planning, and how to write captivating copy for your posts to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more!

Week 3

Understand the beauty that is live streaming.

This is the fastest way to connect with your audience on a platform they already love. I'll give you a play-by-play on what to say, when to say it, and how to effectively sell what you are offering globally from your live streams.

Week 4

This one is all about the money baby!

We're going to dive deep and discuss how you can meet your sales goals EVERY month. We will uncover what products and services will be your main money drivers and what additional sources of income you can use for a profitable business.

You'll Walk Away From This Program With:

  • An ability to leverage Social Media and Live Streaming to build a business and tribe that are willing to invest in your products and services.
  •  The confidnce that you WILL have a plan to follow so you won't be wasting time on non-income producing activities.
  • A plan to bust through the overthinking and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and taking no action. 
  • The secret to getting comfortable selling your products/services to the right people without the side of sleezy salesman syndrome.

What Are You Getting???

  • 4 Master Class Recordings that will teach you the actionable steps you can take to instantly get your business off the ground.
  • Membership Portal where you can access the training videos and materials anytime. 
  • Worksheets & PDFs to follow along with our trainings.
  • Lifetime Access to all material.

BUT WAIT! (yeah, cheesy, but effective)

Let's sweeten the deal a little. How about some bonus materials?


5 Day Booster Blueprint 

5 worksheets + 4 training videos on: 1. The Biz Idea Filter, 2. Identifying Your Ideal Client 3. Email Marketing 101 4. Optins & Landing Pages 



InstaMUSTS for Instagram 

A video covering in depth tips to maximize your engagement, increase your following and make sales on Instagram! 



Lifetime Acess

A You will have lifeteime access to all of the material and will be notified when any upgrades to the content are made!