I am soooooooooo over all these online “experts” confusing the hell out of everyone.

I went on a little rant about it on my facebook page where I talk about how going back to basics and focusing on what’s important in your business should take precedent. [ You can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/CoachNadiaK/videos/1576469759052769/ ]

Here’s the thang, doll.

I live to serve multi-passionate entrepreneurs like you. It’s my calling.

You’re the kind of person who:
– is so creative that you have a million new ideas every 10 seconds.
– has so many different kinds of talents that you have a bad case of shiny object syndrome
– is multifaceted and open to all kinds of improvement in your biz that you have a hard time committing to one business let alone one strategy.

Overall you’re awesome….

But having new “experts” pop out of nowhere every ten seconds telling you new info everyday is incredibly overwhelming for you.

You’re thinking:

>>> “I need to put a funnel in place. Yes! than I can make passive income”

>>> “Oh wait but this tripwire offer is good too and I can definitely make more money using that”

>>> “I should host a webinar to make sales. Let me open a Zoom account now! “

>>> “Affiliate marketing…. yes that’s the solution! Let me purchase this course on how to become a top notch affiliate sales person  “

I’m here to check you….

You are doing most of this out of desperation. You are being led by these fake promises of making 6 figures overnight…. the worst part? You are believing them! 


Please stop the madness.

I will never promise you that you can make 6 figures quickly  because your business is unique, needs customized attention and these unicorn cases aren’t REAL!

What I can do is bring you back to basics….

To remind you of what’s really important.

Let’s pump the breaks on all of this scatter brained craziness for a moment.

I want to bring your attention to what matters most in your business if you really want to make money and an impact.

I’m going to need you to take off that “busy bee” uniform and put your CEO hat on for this.

Below are the 3 main areas of business I need you to be CONSISTENT in focusing on. Print this out and look at it everyday.

1. Your client
Let me ask you an honest question. Do you really know who your client even is? Do you know them like the back of your hand? If I asked you to tell me what their day to day is OR what they are hurting over that hasn’t been solved for them OR what keeps them up at night would you be able to tell me without stuttering? Without hesitation? If the answer is no then how can you run a business expecting to make large amounts of sales if you don’t know who you are serving. I have a client avatar sheet I’m going to give you today for free because I need you to focus more of your time on this area of your business.
>>> Grab it here <<<

2. Your marketing
If you don’t take time to focus on #1 then this area will suck as well. #sorrynotsorry. Your marketing is your “business language”. If your copy speaks to the souls of your peeps then they WILL buy. People buy because of emotion. If your marketing doesn’t effectively stir up some kind of emotion through strong branding, visibility and use of dam good copy then it will be incredibly difficult for you to connect with your tribe. Lack of connection = lack of dolla dolla billz yo!

3. Sales
Do you spend the majority of your time on income producing activities? What I see entrepreneurs like you struggle MOST with is not knowing where to focus your time and energy to close more sales. Your income producing activities revolve around one of the most important parts of your business “Your Profit Plan”. If you don’t have one you can grab this training and get it done NOW [clicjk here: http://coachnadiak.com/profitplantraining ]
Once you have a clear idea of your monthly sales goals, what you are selling and how then all becomes clear. I promise. And if you stink at selling than this is something you need to invest your time and money on because you are leaving money on the table by: 1. Not having sales convos because you are scared of them 2. Not closing these sales calls because you can’t overcome objections 3. Continuing to do free stuff because you have sleezy salesman syndrome. Get better at sales, sell everyday and make more money.

You see…. it’s NOT that complicated right?

Stop falling into the craziness of scatter brained entrepreneur life. It’s not cute.

Now go focus on the key areas of your business you badass CEO you!

And if you are tired of doing this all on your own and want to have business success sooner than later book yourself a little strategy sesh with yours truly here

>>>> coachnadiak.com/freesession <<<<